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Mitzu Car Co is really a tax write off for a real big monster Co..

For whatever reason, Mitsu is loosing interest in producing vehicles globally. They were never all that interested in the US market. Lots of people - wrong product model and too expensive to produce.

Some things you loose money on just so you have a presence. You put just enough in to be believable and no more. When 'presence' is no longer sufficient justification, you pick up your marbles and go home.

Being a auto manufacturer has been getting more and more difficult over the last couple decades. Well, unless you have no ethics. If Mitsu's doing what I think they're doing, they might have the right idea. Once Google, Apple, duffus Musk and any other tech company idiot get involved in making cars, traditional car manufacturers are going to be in deep doggie do-do. Tech industries have mastered 'race to the bottom' long ago. Google could produce cars and give them away at a 50%+ loss and investors would just throw more money at them. GM, Ford, etc. would never be able to survive.

haztoys, did they say when?


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