Then, as I'm doing research on the headlight thing, I start to notice every time I see a 2000+ set of Sportage headlights in an ad, they seem to have a different type of socket for the bulb than I remember my 95 had... Then I realize all the ads for replacement bulbs do not have a listing for 9007s... Then I realize, I changed a headlight bulb in my 2002 Sportage once and it was different and kind of a pain in the @$$... Needless to say, I realized, I have H4 bulbs, not 9007. So, now I'm not sure the retrofit projector will work, but also, I may have an easier time finding a plug adapter. And one last thing. HELLA makes off road only 80w/100w H4 bulbs that just plug right in the stock housing. Awesome. Radiator came today. Hopefully, it's my fix.

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