I'm now experiencing the same issue. My radiator has been leaking slightly between the core and tank for a 4 months or so. yesterday at lunch time I noticed my temp gauge was reading 210 and it was only in the mid 60's. As soon as I came to a stop it was steaming out.

I put a gallon of water in before leaving work hoping to make it home and only made it about 10 miles. When I saw it reaching 220 I hit the next exit and puled into a business parking lot and called my roadside assistance for a tow home.

Weird thing was my overflow tank was full when I checked it after parking. I grabbed a towel I had and Carefully removed the radiator cap. Steam was all that came out. Makes me wonder if my thermostat is stuck shut.

Only 1/2-3/4 mile after leaving work it had got to 200 but went down to 190-195 so the t-stat must have opened but may have closed.