Now, I'm not sure if I mentioned it above, scanned over and didn't see it, but I drove to south Dakota and back in July and only had to top off the radiator every 2-400 miles and not adding much, but I drove 7 miles in city traffic taking my daughter to school last week with the a/c on for only the last 2 miles and it boiled out about a half gallon. Anyway, I got my new radiator, CSF 2 core copper and brass, no plastic at all. Installing this weekend as soon as I hook the rad hoses to some pvc and stick them in a bucket of water to test the water pump.

95 Sportage w/welded and 5.89 geared dana 44's on 38.5" TSL's.- SADLY SOLD
CURRENTLY - 2000 sportage, 5.38 gears, welded diffs, 35" tires, 5.5" lift