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Could be the ICM along with many other things. Testing components and checking connections is all I can suggest. Make sure your ECU plugs are all pushed in all the way, no wires came out of the plugs, the ground is hooked up. Look at check engine light operation. Check the main relay by listening for it to click after cranking and or unbolting it and taking the cover off. Test the ICM and both sides of the coil as described in the FSM. The dizzy could be a problem too...

OMG, this is insane. I tested all the sensors and relays and it all pointed to the crankshaft position sensor. Alright, time to place it back on TDC and remove the ignition.

Well, with the cap off I turned the engine and the ignition rotor did not move, WAIT A MINUTE!!! took the driver side camshaft cover off shocked belt was broken!!!

well Rockauto was a good price but the local O'Reilly had the Gates brand for $60 including the tensioner and I needed to get it running ASAP to I bought it.

Then to remove the crankshaft bolt I bought an impact wrench but the sucker still wouldn't come off, it likely has some thread locker. So, time for desperate measurement, with my ball pein hammer I bent the edge of the spacer between the timing gear on the crankshaft and the balancer, just about the width of the belt I slid the belt in very carefully and DONE.

It is running like a champ, now I just need to figure out why the tach is not working maybe I missed a wire or something.


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