Question - aren't the a/c controls supposed to be lit? Mine aren't. Also, isn't there supposed to be a headlight symbol in the gauge cluster? I only have the one for hi beams.

And then back to the sound and speaker questions - my stereo has a subwoofer output with RCA/component cable jacks for right and left. It has a separate control for subwoofer volume and sound. Does this mean I don't need an external amp to plug a subwoofer in? I'm not looking for ridiculous bass, just to be able to really hear the low end more clearly. I was thinking about replacing the vinyl upholstered panel across the rear hatch with a plate of tread bright or stainless steel and mounting the speaker in that. Does that sound like a good idea?

95 Sportage w/welded and 5.89 geared dana 44's on 38.5" TSL's.- SADLY SOLD
CURRENTLY - 2000 sportage, 5.38 gears, welded diffs, 35" tires, 5.5" lift