I'll post this here, as opposed to starting a new thread..

I run a TF locker in my front diff, with 5.38 gears and 31x10.5" tyres.
LOVE the locker, makes the Sporty unbelievably capable, never had any problems with it, and I wheel pretty hard sometimes. I did have some extra bearing shims made to get the clearances in spec on my worn diff carrier.

Now it seems there's a guy on the Micro Monsters FB page that reckons they're all crap and he's had 7 (seven) of them break within one hour of use... he also seems to have a problem with the Korean 3rd party dealer (PICORP). I had nothing but a good buying experience.

So I ask the members here if they've had ANY problems with the TrackFinder lockers, other parts or PICORP.

I do believe "this other guy" has a vested interest in another parts manufacturer (from one of his FB posts), as far as I know he's the ONLY person who's had trouble. If he is the only one, then something is fishy, or he's the worst installer ever.
If others have had problems, then let's hear it for a more balanced discussion!

I have NO vested interests in ANY parts manufacturers, just know that my TF gear has performed well beyond my expectations and have only thus far heard similar experiences from others.

If there are more widespread issues then it helps to get them known.


Long a$$ 2000 Sporty, auto, 5.38 gears, TF front locker, 4"+ front lift (Kings +40 springs, 50mm spacers, 1.5" diff drop), TJ 104 rears 3" + 50mm coil spacers, 1.5" body lift, 31/10.5r15's on 15x8 Kings (ET-13), WARN manuals, Smart Bar, spotties