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Hey Promodmerc,
Haven't posted here in awhile.
I actually do sell a coilover kit that is custom made by Sid the Kid. He has spent months developing and testing his kit and for me to give up the shock/spring information is just not smart for business. Also the kit is around $1000.00 and I think there are pictures posted on this site.

Thanks for explaining that everything in the kit is on my website.

I'm going to update my website soon and will be including this picture of the kit:
[Linked Image]

Unfortunately, I will not be supplying prints and part numbers for this kit (that sells for $185.00 NOT $200.00 and includes 1-3 day shipping), because I'm shady.
So this may sound like quite a bit of money, but some people don't understand the cost of doing business. Things like buying a lathe, mig welder, drill press, precision jigs/fixtures, consumables, quality not crap parts, and yes... a small profit.
I have read that Day-Star is coming out with spacers for around $200.00, so I guess that $185.00 is quite high for a kit with a lot more stuff.
Hope to be shipping kits by mid-Feburary due to some health issues and back-ordered pieces.


Interesting fact on the Daystar bringing a kit to market. A friend of mine posted on my Facebook mid summer last year of a story on a lifted Sportage and the person had Daystar make up the one off at the time and had mentioned that he was working with Daystar about getting it in to production.

I told my friend that apparently the guy didn't bother doing his homework as you had a kit that had been out for many years.