I saw the posts in regards to what the kit had in it and looked for days to find pictures of the kit but unfortunately most of the older post I was able to open had been deleted. This site has too many pop up ads and extra garbage that slows this site down that even turning them off on my end didn't help. I asked a simple question to the guy everyone was leading me to and was told to basically buy his kit in order to find out the information I asked for. Come on people....! There are not 50,000 people building lifted Kia's that a guy can't give out helpful info!!! When I determine the correct size of the coil over shocks I will be using, I'll absolutely post all the necessary information to anyone who wants it with drawings and part numbers because it's honestly not that big of deal! Sorry... was not warned ahead of time of the thin skin of those using this site.

It hurts worse when its cold!!!