not much ado except givin' her another coat of lookin' at.
i did pull skid plates, and poked around the scrap metal.
thinking of cutting off the stamped sheetmetal mounting locations(on the tub, just aft of the wheelwells)- these are squashing, and incorporate the mounting studs.
mabe plate the floor w/sheetmetal, add a substantial substitute mount location and stud that should distribute support over a greater area. spread the load.
also think this can be done without fully removing the body. perhaps just loosening and lifting will allow me to fit the repair....
haha- didn't try the picgame this time.

also--- used to be able to edit my posts for many days, not just immediately after......,and i originally got a photobucket account so i could post pics on this forum, but seem to have totally geezered out on how this site works.

haha- see i can edit now

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'94 "tracker", with some parts from suzi the psychic.
other modifications made, with more to come.
some intentional.
suzitoo should get me fishing.