Hey guys I'm still pretty new to this site but it has helped me tremendously with the infamous hesitation off idle but that's a different post. I purchased a 3 inch spacer kit about a yr ago from everett that has performed flawlessly in that time. The rear lift springs com from a jeep tj hard top. I've since upgraded to some 31x10.50x15 Kenda Klever mud tires mounted on a 15x 8 chrome mod. And am in the process of relocating the rear shocks to a Toyota style setup. My issue is I've reached the absolute max in suspension flex and CV livability at those extreme angles. I also have a welded rear spider gear in the works as well that I plan to use a high temp nickle rod to ensure proper penetration. Sorry about getting off subject but I thought a little background on the wheeling style I use. Its not a basher but I definitely push it through some things that definitely exceed the suspensions current capabilities. That being said what's the next logical direction? Do I continue trying to modify and strengthen the current drivetrain or do I toss the 286,000 mile setup for a complete Toyota setup from a rolled 82 Toyota truck. Once again sorry for the long speech. Any response will be appreciated. I'm also having a hard time loading pictures. I'll post asap.