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Hey Jason I remember you....you invented a device for transferring x rays into digital format. It's been a long time man.
Yes.. back in the day.. late 90's early 2000s.. The company I co-owned converted all the legal documents that Erin Brockovich was famous for (Ed Massery's law firm).

Then we started on DICOM stuff and medical Xrays, etc,etc.

While I was doing that stuff out in Ventura, I met KevinC we bonded and became good friends, and I scanned all his factory Turbo manuals and reg Mitsu manuals... and a few other users here sent me their stuff as well..

$hity ebayers tried to sell the PDF's as their but you could see Kevin's and my handwriting on them smile

Mitsu USA tried to sue me for that and my domain.. (montero4x4.com) for which I still own.. and won..

anyways... good times! I miss the group and the outings

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