managed to button it all up.
total failure in trying to press a new bushing into my idler arm, so i serviced a good used assembly, and finished the steering repairs by adding some metalglue to the captive nuts(in the chassis)for the steering box bolts.
still no skid plates- the front and tcase skids are just bolt backs, but the center skid lost a strut mounting tab. minorfix.
changed the motor and rear diff. oils- that was original oil in the rear.......
recap of this service run:
drag link, rear shock mounts(and new shocks),rightside bodymount repair, transmission/tcase/motor mounts, centerlink replacement- these could be considered aggravated sierra challenge repairs.
other attentions were paid to suzi, and she was fondled all over.
the front locker is going to be interesting.
i have the wheels back on, and expect to move her about a bit tomorrow. see if anything falls off or locks up.
i should take some pictures.

'94 "tracker", with some parts from suzi the psychic.
other modifications made, with more to come.
some intentional.
suzitoo should get me fishing.