Yup still got the van. It's just too bad the Ford part of the Wire is too hung up on old Broncos, Xploders and how to put their old D18 back into service, otherwise I'd be here every day.

Still on the lookout for a Gen1 SWB but they are rare as hens teeth over here due to rust issues.

[SOLD] 1996 Pajero 2.5 TDI on silly big 38" tires and 14" wide rims. Stock rear locker, 50mm body lift, 1" rear axle shift.
[CURRENT] 1984 Ford E250,6.2 GM diesel, TH400, NP203/205 doubler,D44 front with ARB,D60 FF rear with no-spin,HID lights, VHF, GPS, Onboard air. 44" tires.