Pm sent. cool

Been a busy work period and had a minor issue with the Sporty.

My young fella was out driving and was pulled over by the local constabulary. They defected the sporty for no front bumper and tyres sticking out. mad He wasn't doing anything wrong which is even more frustrating.

Defect is off crazy had to go over the pits. frown I now have to go through the engineering process here in the NT Australia. blush It is called TAC. it will need to be completed before my rego is due again next April.

Have a few things to get checked off. Need to get the welding signed off where they fabricated the mounts to bolt up the bullbar.

I just make it in overall height. The sporty sits at a lofty 143 mm over standard height. 150mm is the absolute max in Australia. In the NT anything over 100mm requires TAC approval. Most other states it is 50mm before engineering is required.
They checked my front window tint. All good I presume as no mention of that. Brakes were fine etc.

Check list I presume will be:
Body lift
Chassis mounts for front bar
Front forks
Tyres and wheels
Speedo ( it is accurate with e gearing change).

I have the bullbar fitted and finally fitted up my Flairs that I have had for a few years. Fitted up some Sr5 hilux mudflaps for the rear to cover the tyres which spoils the look in my opinion and ensuring it was no higher than 30cm from the ground (legal standard here in Oz) but I guess that is was attracted the popo in the first place with the originals on and the tyres exposed.

Funnily my oldest son drive around in the car the way it was for 18 months and never got pulled up (admittedly he had a front bumper on). I put it down to the the P plate my son had displayed on the back. My oldest son ran a PPlate in the back window and you couldn't see it very well where my youngest has a metallic one displayed on the back hatch wich really stands out against the dark blue.

Also kick myself for not been more proactive in getting the bullbar fitted quicker.

Will get a pick up soon of the new look. smile

Have to start filling in the TAC approval paperwork and get it sent off the NT Motoring organisation board to assess my application and give it there blessing hopefully😱

Cheers, Chris 🍻

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