A slight correction: If I remember right, there were three Starion LSD's. One was the early version ( small ring gear). There were also two large ring gear units. The later takes the larger V6 CV's. The early one (from an 87 Starion) works with the 4cyl CV's.

It sounds like you have the early large ring gear LSD. This was the combo Big Blue came up with and ran with his V6 chevy powered Montero.

It held up to a stick and a big V6 just fine.

It was later figured out that you could run the V6 axles if you had the 88-89 Starion LSD.

87 Turbo Intercooled Raider, roller cam, torsen rear diff, LSD front diff, lockup auto with modified converter, V6 brakes, low transfer case gears...