Get a half shaft from a 2.6. The drivers side should fit (sometimes they are tight and compressing the circlip is a PITA). There are two starion diffs that fit in the front of the v6. I think 88 and older used the same spline count as the v6 on both sides. I think later models used a different spline count on the passenger side. Not sure I have the years correct but the rest of it is accurate.

I had an LSD in mine for awhile. At first, I couldn't get the either side to fit. The drivers side was just a matter of being tight with the new clip and was solved with a single solid whack from a dead blow. The passenger side needed the half shaft from a 4 cyl.

Count your splines on both sides and then on your cv and shaft. The only difference might be the passenger side. If you can't find a shaft let me know, I might have one kicking around the shop.

Oh, if it is the 4 cyl shaft, be sure to change the oil deals at the diff. The 4 cyl shaft is slightly smaller diameter.


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