I wanted to fix my transfer case lever as it would not stay in 4high due too hitting the rear of the console,the boot rubber bunching up due to the lift pushing the lever forward, along with the leather gear lever cover contributing to the clearance issue. I did trim away some sound insulation foam making it a bit better.

Now I had not refitted my console properly since I had fitted the body lift. This would come back to bite me later. blush

I didn't want to modify the console so thought about it for quite a while. Decided to mod the lever by cutting and adding an S bend to raise the lever and bring it forward. Even before I lifted the body I always thought the transfer lever was to low.

I measured thrice whistle and then took it to the engineer workshop. Spoke to Nick the engineer / welder and gave him my measurements 30-35 mm up and 20-25 mm forward. Wish I could weld. frown

Nick did a fantastic job and the measurements were spot on 35 mm and 25 mm. He also was able to keep the boot rubber bush and not damage it with the welder heater wich allowed the rubber boots to be placed back over to allow some water proofing which was fantastic. End result was exactly what I imagined.

Fitted everything up . Bloody measurement was out mad only my self to blame. Won't engage low range now as the lever goes to far forward. Other wise the height for the transfer lever is perfect. By fitting the console properly I found another problem.

I now also need to put a slight bend forward at the bottom of my gearshift lever to stop it hitting the rear of the console or cut and shut to lift it 30-35 mm so the large body of the lever clears the console (that is what is hitting). Will post the photos when I finally put together my body lift post with steps and photos for future reference.

With the centre console not screwed in that allows enough movement for the main gearbox lever to operate properly without hitting anything but still cannot push forward enough with the transfer lever to lock in low range, sit at neutral.

So when I get a chance 'all head back to the Nicks and do some measuring up. Will post the results. wink

Cheers, Chris

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