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Well the little sporty has been performing learner driver duties again, this time for my nephew with my wife supervising. I do not know how that clutch is still holding in there. crazy

The aircon stopped working the other week. Dropped it off yesterday thinking the gas had leaked out again and that I had a leak in the system after I had fitted the body lift and mucked around a bit with the aircon piping during the fit up. I thought I might have cracked a pipe near the filter housing at the front of the car whilst the body was lifted off the chassis. eek
Got the bad news sick Turns out the head on the condenser unit had blown. During the testing the guys saw that the main engine fan was not locking up and they could stop it fairly easy whilst it was running. Lucky I had recently replaced the rest of the cooling system s no engine overheating damage cool

Any way a new condenser has been sourced and on its way to Darwin, the evaporater is going to cop a good clean out the best they can without pulling the dash apart and the guys are going to fix the clutch fan.

They are going to to use a couple of tubes of the Toyota silicon into the clutch hub. Hopefully this will fix it like new again. wink a common fix over hear in Australia to add additional Toyota silicon into clutch fans to allow it to lock up better.

Sporty is all fixed again. New condenser new dryer and a thorough clean of the evaporator. Couple tubes of Toyota silicon into the clutch fan and she is as good as new.

Car sound different now, you can really here the fan roaring when accelerating through the gears. Aircon is working great lovely and cold.


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