I ended up putting a spare set of 30x9.5 geolanders on the stock rims. Didnt go with the 31.5s as the set I have are e rated and too heavy. With the 30s it works great with no lift. Also took off most of the plastic (on trees..) and clearanced the bumper with a zip disc for a better approach angle. To be honest I did not expect much out of this kia compared to other 4x4s I have owned, but it is an impressive little machine!

Now I need to sort out a few of the issues inherent in a $600 car, like the door chime stuck on and the gas tank that shoots gas back out at me when filling.

Maybe the wrong place for this, but...
-Anyone done a full belly skid on one? It looks doable, and i found some old threads with links to skidplate dimensions, but the links are down.