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Ok guys I'm really tired of looking at this rats nest of vacuum hose, I do not have e check so I'm wanting to delete all I can... I know I need a hose for the vac advance, however what else can I remove? I have quite a small collection of the black caps that came on the carburetor from the factory. I plan on keeping all the emissions garbage just in case they ever put e check in place? I know I'll need to buy an egr block off plate, but please give me the run down on how to shed this mess of hoses?

If your Mikuni is working properly - then you will need to retain the rats nest to maintain functionality. Swap on a Weber - then delete everything except the vacuum advance and the charcoal canister.

Had the weber on for almost a decade now, but just finally did the vac delete this fall (no more emissions since 2013). Pulled everything including the control box (bolting the e-choke relay back alone using one of the holes). I just have one vac hose from the carb to the advance on the dizzy, and had to run a couple to the purge control valve. I would like to delete the PCV and charcoal canister (maybe stick the compressor in it's place), but when i just capped them off i was getting pressure building up in the fuel tank, so I think you'd need a breather on the vent line from the tank, or a two-way vented gas cap (not just vacuum relief).

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