Nice vid Dave. Wow 5.5 inch in the front how's your upper A arm ball joints. They would be fully maxed out all the time wouldn't they?. Best thing I did to mine was fit the bullbar which gave me some down travel back in the front for when I go over speed bumps etc.

Did the 2 1/4 inch exhaust make much of a difference power wise?. I still have my extractors to fit up ad from turtles description it sound like 2 1/4 is the way to go if we keep the back pressure up
Have you fitted the 5.38's yet. I can't imagine running the 35's it would seem so slow to get moving. My 245's hurt enough now even with the 5.38's.

Look forward to the next instalment.

Cheers, Chris

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97 Sporty, snorkel, K&N filter,chipped, ext forks, 40mm Dob Springs, KYB struts, 35mm Jeep TJ Springs, RAV 4 OME shocks, Kaiser Locker 5.38 R&P's, 1&3/8 body lift, 245/75 R16 D674's Sports steering wheel, bullbar, extractors & 2 1/4 exhaust engineered.