Quick update! smile
Took the shifter levers back to Nick and he fixed them up for me.

We put a slight bend in the main gear lever and took out about 1/2 of the forward measurement so total forward on the transfer case lever is approx 15 mm or the width of the transfer case lever.

This time worked out perfect. wink No more hitting and I can select low and high range no problems at all. Best thing I didn't have to modify my centre console at all. I like the way the leather gators fit the way they are. cool

Forgot to take the bloody photos blush. Will have to get a couple next time I have the console apart again. Probably will be when I work out the fitting up of my extended breathers for the gearbox and transfer case.

I have started the engineering process, TAC application is submitted and approved in principle just before Christmas. I have engaged the services of an engineer. I love his business name Rustycan engineering laugh The motor authority want he extended forks tested. I have a second set on the way and will be providing one of those along with an original set of forks so the engineer can perform structural testing on both.

I have had a wheel alignment and bump steer test completed and they came up within spec so very happy about that. Just have to wait for the company to fix their machine so I can get a print out out with the bump steer measurements included to submit as evidence for the engineering process.

Last Thing will be the swerve test which I think will be fine as the sporty handles just as good if not better than standard height.

I a have to get a couple of good photos of the sporty with the bullbar fitted. I only have a couple of crappy phone shots which are not really clear. Will have to ask my sister in law as she takes great photos and will post up.

Getting closer. cool

Cheers, Chris wink

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