I bough my Wife this Suzuki Sidetrack some years ago. It ran great when bought,then after a year or so,started having trouble. It first blew a fuse,replaced it,stopped again and within a few minutes running time,stopped again. I was told that the problem was the ECM,or computer. I had the unit rebuilt at a shop in Fla,put it in,ran a few minutes,then stopped. I bought a new distributor,nothing. I had it in a prestigious,well equipped shop,three times,had the computer re-rebuilt,it ran almost long enough to make the 6-7 mile trip home. The entire vehicle is in great shape except for one small problem:won't run. I have tried to find out if some type of aftermarket ignition would work,but with no avail. Has anyone heard of an aftermarket distributor that will fit or other model[Samurai,maybe] that would work. I'm even open to adapting a Weber carb to make it work. Help please!!