I guess I should stick my nose in, been awhile since I have been around. I still drive my SR with the 3.8 DOHC in it. I now have a 2002 Monti, first time I put it in low range it had warning alarms go off, just parked it, damn thing. Not to mention the flipper I got it from put some regular ATF in the trans so it is stuck in reverse.

I am planning a project Montero, just planning stage, collecting parts, will be interesting, think of a V55W look alike.

Cheers, Charlie
If It ain't broke, Modify it!
87 Montero turbo Converted back in Spring1989
95 Montero SR 3.8 DOHC Only one?
93 Pajero 3 door 6G75 Mivec with paddle shifted 5 speed
Then a Gen2 SR with full coil independent suspension.