No vibration while breaking but it does seem to grab just before coming to a stop. It's raining so maybe that's why. I've experienced warped rotors with a pulsing in the brakes but not steering wheel vibration. Other than this problem, I have no real complaints with the vehicle so far. Time will tell.
As far as dedicated alignment and front end mechanics go I'm unaware of any. I do know a guy who's really into street rods etc.and since he's lived here in Florida longer than I, he may be able to direct me to someone. Something has to be wrong if it still vibrates even though the tires are back to where they were and all was fine before the rotation. I just met a guy this morning who's a friend visiting a neighbor friend and was in the tire business years ago, so tonight I'm going to have him inspect my tires and get his opinion. I did receive a slinger in the mail from the dealership promoting a tire sale they have going on. Coincidence??