Good day.

It's been a long time and I hope all viewing are well.

Interesting incident on the way to work this morning. I got in the truck, cranked it. It ran fine and idled smoothly.

I drove about 12 miles without issue. Made a stop. Truck cranked right back up and I drove the final mile to the office. As I rounded the final RH turn, the truck cut off and now it won't even turn over.

Interestingly, when I open the door, the open-door light on the dash will light up; insert the key (door open) and the buzzer comes on. But, when the key is turned, nothing...not a thing AND then, the buzzer will not sound and the light on the dash goes out for a few minutes. The only other clue I have to offer is that going over a couple of bumps, the stereo cut out, but came right back on.

The battery is putting out 12.75 volts, so that's good.

Really bizarre.

I'm thinking it might be the ignition switch. It's original to the car, so not a stretch. Is there an ignition relay? All that would be original, too as I've never messed with that system much at all.

Any ideas out there?

Thanks in advance.

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