I haven't been on here in years. This place needs some caffeine. sleep

I'm just going to post some pictures of doing some overdue maintenance and some modifications to my '88 Raider. Maybe it will entertain or motivate some of you guys lol. But don't expect anything fast, this thing has been sitting in the yard for a year already.

The truck was at my Dad's place in the mountains and the headgasket finally blew last year, so it got dragged home for some work.

Before picture in it's natural habitat
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I put a new head on it. I can't remember where from now. I think it was a complete head off ebay for $350.

old head coming out
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a not very good picture of the cracks around the jet valves. IIRC 3 of the 4 were cracked. The valve seals were toast too. Smoked like a train.

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I thought I head a picture of the new head installed, maybe I'll post it later. It's running again. Still need to set the timing and recheck the valves, but I shifted to some other work.

'88 Raider, 33" Maxxis, 2" body lift, 10K winch