The 31" BFGs worked good but I wanted something bigger and more aggresive, so I bought an old set of 33x12.50 TSL swampers for it. I mounted them and used 10oz of airsoft BBs in each tire.

Then I thought it needed a brush guard so I bent up some rebar and made one.

I also need to order some amber LEDs and get the lighted grille working again.

[Linked Image]

A/C got torn out. Tint removed from the rear windows. Faulty trailer wiring repaired.

Current project is the brakes.

I've already done the front with new pads, rotors, and hoses. I will add a picture later. I want to get rid of the automatic hubs and I thought about getting manual hubs, but this truck is in 4wd almost as much as 2wd. Montero sports use a solid drive flange which is even better, so Rxinhed is sending me a pair that he has.

Here is a photo of the rear brakes, the oil seals have been leaking for some time...
[Linked Image]

Modifications to come; welded rear diff (maybe weld the front too), new exhaust, fix the broken fuel filler neck, build a radiator fan shroud that fits

'88 Raider, 33" swampers, 2" body lift, 10K winch