Hello all. This is a tale of California smog testing intrigue. In 2017 (with zero miles after rebuilt engine) it passed smog at the same shop in Oakland, East Bay Auto Repair. 1000 miles later my Raider failed smog with the NOX high (Max: 999. Measured: 2215). There is no check engine light on the dash display. The analog multimeter test I did using the connector behind the glove compartment shows code 11 (most likely suspect: O2 sensor. Ohm test results in 2.89, which according to the manual indicates, "repair white wire for short to ground between 2-way and ECU 24 Way).

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Question 1: why does the O2 sensor (the only O2 sensor located anywhere below the engine) located just before the catalytic converter connect to a pig tail connector leading to the transfer case? I have not done anything to the vehicle since 2017 or ever. I would have thought that the O2 sensor would connect to a wire leading to the computer unit. See attached photo of the 2 wires connected to the transfer case. I will remove the O2 sensor to do the propane torch test.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

Question 2: where do I get an 02 sensor that has nearly 5 feet of wire? It's damned long snaking from the right side of the vehicle to the left side where the transfer case is. I do not want to risk erroneous O2 signals. These are some candidates but do not know if they are what I should buy:



Thank you.

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