Hello, just bought an 89 Raider 3.0l w/ manual trans and it seemed like most of the information I've found on google tends to link back to here, so I figured I would join. After having driven it down the gulf coast of Florida through some heavy winds, it is obvious there is some significant suspension work that needs to be done. I've ordered some replacement shocks and sway bar bushings and will start there. Also ordered a new timing belt & idler pulley along with some new plugs. Truck has 193k on it but seems to have been fairly well maintained as it runs smooth with no ticks or knocks nor any smoke. Transmission and transfer case both shift really well, also. So this coming weekend we'll change the oil and send it off to Blackstone for analysis and the following weekend once the suspension parts come in we'll get underneath and see what's what.

Two quick questions;
I looked through the tech FAQs and didn't see a tutorial on replacing the timing belt, does anyone have a link to one?
-If there is a 4x4 light on the dash, it didn't illuminate. I assume would be one of the grid of lights behind the steering wheel beneath the speedo/tach cluster, but it was too dark when we picked it up last night to see if I could make out an outline in one of them. Would this be a switch on the t-case not signalling the light to come on, as if this is a common issue, or is it more likely to just be a small bulb burned out in there?

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