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Another question came up. I have been looking through a parts catalog from mitsubishilinks.com trying to locate the two switches you refer to. I can find the pulse generator, and I can find the two switches in the FSM, but not in the parts manual. I will be underneath it this weekend and can check the connections, but if I need to replace it I just want to make sure I have the right part numbers.

They're on Page 302, #12 and #19:

Also, how's the success rate for converting to R-134a? Again, without having tested the current system for leaks I am not certain what's what, but while driving it the other day the air was cool but not cold and I don't want to waste the effort recharging with 12 if the conversion is worthwhile.

Mine is still running R12, so I don't know, but I have a friend who's done several R134 conversions and tells me they work fine. He says the key is to make sure all of the old oil is drained out of the compressor and the drier (?) is replaced.

Lastly the oil pressure gauge on the dash doesn't read. Engine doesn't have any knocking or ticking, oil level was good, no leaks so I think its either the pressure switch or the gauge itself.

Probably the sender. They do go out occasionally.

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