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Progress is always good.

My wife was asking me last night after my son and I had spent the entire weekend working on the Raider "This isn't going to be a car that needs constant maintenance, is it?" I told her no, it won't need constant maintenance but I've got a long way to go before I am done working on it and can let it ride for a while. After all this, I'll need to go through the brakes and change the tranny, transfer case and front & rear diff fluids and probably replace all of the rubber bits on the suspension and I looked at the front brake pads and they've got a lot of meat on them but I'll need to bleed new fluid through it and same for the power steering and I haven't even pulled the rear wheels off yet to look closer at all of that so who knows? Plus god help me if I can find another Raider in a junkyard nearby because the upholstery on these seats could be freshened up or just find a good set to replace them entirely? Oh honey I'll be working on this thing for a while, but it won't need constant maintenance.

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