So, I bought a reman head from AutoZone off of eBay. After shipping, it was under $400. Sure, it was the FWD head, but all I needed to do was swap my cam off the other head over to it and use the head plug on the back. Easy-peasy.

I figured out why the engine was so buzzy and vibrated itself apart as well. I thought I had a balance shaft eliminator kit installed, but when I opened it up, the balance and silencer shafts were present. After spinning to TDC, I found the problem: The balance and silencer shafts were installed 180* out. The timing marks on the sprockets were exactly the opposite of where the FSM says they should be. This had been corrected on the new build.

Now the quick questions: Do I need any RTV on the timing gasket? A dab at the corners of the head gasket I already figure, but are these dry gaskets? The same question for the oil pan and balance shaft cover.

I can't believe the Montero is almost ready to go back on the road after being down for 4 years...

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