Did some more digging and found this.

A post by user lc82cj7 said:
"The 1987 & 1989 Dodge Raider, Dodge D50 pickup, Mitsubishi Montero & Mistu Pickup all used the same A44D Assin Automatic Transmission, which are also referenced as KM148, AW372.
Keep in mind some had 3.0 V6 engines and some had 2.6L I4. The transmissions were the same, but the front removable bell housings are different (to the best I can find). Also 2 wheel drive models will have the long tail housing, you want a 4x4 transmission, which will not have the long tail housing and will bolt to a transfer case. If you could only find a 2 wheel drive trans you could remove the rear tail section, but I don't know if the output shaft matches a 4x4s."

So it sounds like the 3.0 and 2.6l can share the manual transmission, just need to swap over the bell housing. Can someone confirm this?

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