I hope I'm starting this thread correctly, I'm not sure if this is where I'm supposed to add it. I've copied a lot of wording from my first thread "Carb and vacuum Issues" because it gives an idea of where I'm starting with my Raider. I would like to thank "GrantCee" and "rxinhed" for responding to my first thread, encouraging me to start this thread.

Just a little background. I am the proud owner of an 87 Gen1 Raider I picked up for $240 on an insurance buy back. It has the 2.6 motor with 5-speed manual. It's totally stock and in fairly rough condition with 148k miles on it. The body has a lot of rust and the paint is terrible, but the frame is solid. The drive train all works, but it is all tired and needs to be refreshed. Steering and suspension are all wore out (It bounces down the road like a basketball and shimmies at anything over 35 mph). It does run but only if you give it no more than 1/2 throttle. It is starting out really plain and kind of rough but I've been doing lots of research on this forum, as well as other places on the net, and have big plans for it.

I wanted to document the process of re-working my 87 Gen1 Raider. I'll be doing it at the same time I'm helping my youngest boy (14 yr old) re-work the 87 Ranger STX "High Rider" for him to drive. So I might not always have something to post on the Raider, because half of my time will be spent helping him. I've done a lot of dirt bike complete rebuilds from the floor up, so I understand engines and am comfortable turning wrenches, but I don't have as good an understanding about 4-strokes or more than 1 cylinder.

Being a newby is tough, not just new to this forum but this is the first forum I've ever joined. When I was reading threads, as an outsider, I realized what a great group of people the members were. This group is friendly, very knowledgeable and seem to always be willing to help each other out. This was very influential to me joining this forum because I don't know anyone else in Kansas that even owns a Mitsubishi or a Raider, they're just not that common.

I'm fixing up the Raider so I can go on rides with friends that all drive side by sides (I can't afford a $20k toy). Figured I could get the Raider up to speed for around $5-10k in about 3 years and still be able to use it on the ranch or drive it down state/federal highways if I want.

I have a general 3 year plan for upgrading;
1st year is to get it running descent and driving good (lift kits, complete front end rebuild, upgraded wheels/tires and anything else MaMa will allow.

2nd year is the body work (rust repair, bob the rear top off, roll bar, fastback top, rhino line inside, paint outside flat gray or tan, lights all around, after market bumpers and a 10-12k winch).

3rd year will be a complete drive train replacement (4M40 diesel, tranny, t-case, newer model diffs w/ lockers and at least 33" tires).
I'm also thinking about building a complete cage for it. My middle son is a senior in high-school, he will be going to the local JUCO to get his welding certification and my youngest wants to take welding when he starts high-school next year. So I should have plenty of expertise when this takes place.

To start with, something with the carburetor wasn't right, it was very sluggish and would go through a tank of gas in about 100 miles (roughly 7-9 miles per gallon). I've read a lot about changing the stock carb for a Weber and "GrantCee" helped me out with suggesting the Weber 32/36 DGEV in the Redline K610 conversion kit, so I've got one on order (hope to get it this week). I plan to remove all the emissions vacuum line and electronics after I get it on and would be glad to give it all to forum brethren who live in emission required states.

"GrantCee" tells me that he's getting 24-25 mpg with his Weber when it was dialed in correctly, that's really good mileage, difference should pay for the cost of my Weber carb conversion in less than 10 tanks of fuel.

I still have the original Jet Valve Head and don't plan to change it unless I have to.

I'm running stock wheels and tires for now but have some 30.5x11.5 R15 Super Swampers on 15x8 ProComp alum wheels I ordered earlier for it (the wheels were only $67 each). Just gotta get the engine running good enough to turn them.

I ordered and received a new 2" lift OME suspension lift last week. I'm waiting to get it into a shop to have it installed and the complete steering system and suspension gone through.

I've ordered a 2" body lift from 4crawler.com and am waiting for it to come in. (I hope I placed the order correctly).

Bought some 4" fiberglass fender extensions from a place in Cyprus on Ebay. They look really good and I'll be storing them for a while until I can get to the body work.

I will take some pictures as it sits now and update them as I make changes to my rig. Sorry for running on, but as you can tell, I'm really excited about this project. I'm 53 years old and this is the first time I've had a chance to take something like this on (makes me feel like a kid again).


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