Well I put a few monthis of work into my 88 montero last fall, trying to do as clean a build as I could to make it pass safety here in Ontario. Ran great all winter as my plow truck, and I was looking forward to getting her out in the bush. Kids were excited too. Until today! I hadn't really taken it far from home over the winter so today giving it a good run on the highway, I was going up a rather steep hill ( read: screaming along at almost 4k on the tach) when BANG. then she sounded like a diesel till I got to the side of the road. she started 2 more times but couldn't run under load and then nothing. wouldn't turn over at all.
Towed the girl home and now I cant budge the crank with a bar. It ain't looking good. time to go back to the garage for the post mortem.


Love the raider, hate the raider, love the raider,.....
new: '88 Montero, auto, LSD 2.6L
'87 Raider, 2.6L(#2), 5spd, Dual batt., Xterra roofrack......soon off to the wreckers