It has been a little while between updates.

Sporty has been running quite well apart from the fuel consumption.

I tried three different O2 sensors and they all caused The CEL to come on requiring me to refit the old factory one. Last time I priced a,factory one through Kia they wanted over $400 for one.😡

I have replace the starter motor after over20years of sterling service. Who said Sportages were unreliable😜.

I also replace my SAAS sports Steerig wheel as the foam fell apart. Have a much better one now that is full leather. It is a Autotechnia Targa . Great steering wheel, lovely feel and has a padded leather horn button. Should have got this one from the start. Feels somuch better than the SAAS one.

Replace the Airflowmeter as well which led to a slight improvement on my economy issues which leads me to believe I might need to stump up the dollars for a factory 02 sensor from Kia. 😰 if Iwant my economy to improve.

To combat my limited fuel range one my mates has modified my spare wheel carrier to include a jerry can holder. Looks great and works really well. The spare tyre carrier was moved over as far as we could on the rear rack to accomodate the installation. I am very happy with the result and after testing it for a while with a full 20litre jerry can I am happy to look at having the rear carrier powder coated now.

Also fitted new stereo speakers as the factory one had crapped out ages ago. So good to have clear music again in the car.Just need to get a new modern stereo now with blue tooth. Going to look at installing a double din unit. I purchased a double din fitting kit awhile ago. Can’t rush these things.

Unfortunately with photo bucket crapping out I am unable to post pictures of the new sports steering wheel and the jerry can holder or haven’t tried in a while as I diont want to pay for something I hardly use.

Well that about it for now. Hope to see some more use on the site again as it has gone extremely quiet.

Cheers, Chris

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