Still waiting to get my Raider out of the alignment shop, taking a while to get parts.

Mama's Raider is running great now that I got the "kick down" cable properly adjusted and the carb tuned up. I was having a problem with the fuel pressure fluctuating between 0 and 4 psi. Couldn't figure out what the problem was but expected an issue with the existing fuel pump. Come to find out, the previous owner had installed the incorrect fuel pump trying to avoid using a fuel pressure regulator (BIG MISTAKE). It had a restriction on both outlets and wouldn't feed fuel fast enough to the Weber, so the bowl was running dry during acceleration. Also had a conversation with the PO and he didn't remember plugging the coolant port in the intake manifold that was used to heat the Mikuni carb. Gonna have to pull off the Weber and conversion plates tomorrow, to tap and plug the port if it hasn't already been done.

Say Hank, did you find a rear wiper arm, I have an extra somewhere you can have if you still need it.

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