Well rehabbing the brakes has turned in to a nightmare. It’s obviously been quite some time since they were serviced, and yes I am ashamed for putting it off so long but despite a tug to the left when pressed hard, they weren’t making any noise and they were technically still stopping the vehicle. But I started hearing a squeak so I figured it was finally time to dig in, I bought new shoes, hardware and cylinders for the rears, and new pads and bleeders for the front, plus tons of spray cleaner and new DOT3.
I never got past the rears, in fact as of writing this I am three days in and still not done with them. Several of the springs and one shoe retainer pin were on the verge of failure due to rust, plus I had to drill out a lug because it broke loose and was spinning. Then once I finally got everything cleaned up, reassembled (I’ll still have to take it to a shop to press in a replacement lug) and I started bleeding everything one of the hard lines broke and sprayed fluid all over my rear diff. I bought a replacement line and was about to start bending it in to shape but then decided I’d had enough last night and just hopped in my pool. Gotta finish at least the rears today, and save the fronts for next weekend.

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