Geez these brakes continue to wear me out. The driver's side went smooth. The passenger side was sticking on the upper pin, which I absolutely could not un-stick. Upon removing the entire assembly of course the short hard line snapped, so back to the local NAPA to order a new caliper & bracket, get some new hard lines & fittings and replace them on both sides. I was planning to replace the rubber lines as part of this and am assuming the hard line on the driver's side will probably break just as easily.
The good news is, the core charge is greater than the replacement caliper, meaning I will make about $10 for this swap. Almost makes me want to go ahead and replace the driver's side caliper as well.

1989 Dodge Raider V6
2001 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L
2008 Toyota 4-Runner SR5 4wd