Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

I decided on a name for my wife's Raider also, "HELGA". It just seemed to fit. Of course she's the pretty one.

I've been driving HELGA around since HAGAR has been in the shop. Finally have her fine tuned and running like a top. I still need to change out her transmission, transfer-case and differential fluids, but I think that is going to have to wait until HAGAR can play in the mud a bit this weekend (I hope).

She's been getting around 17 mpg into and around town on the last tank. That was before I had the carb and shifting tuned, so should be even better on this tank. Automatic tranny just won't get as good.

87 GEN1 Raider 5-spd w/ Weber (HAGAR)
87 GEN1 Monty 5-spd stock (LUCKY EDDIE)
88 GEN1 Raider A/T w/ Weber (HELGA)
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