Aaaauurrgghh, HAGAR didn't make it out of the shop yet. Probably a good thing, I have lots of other things that needed done. I spent 12 hrs Saturday on the tractor doing dirt work to correct my drive and a bunch of other washed out areas.

I'm just ready to get him home and put on his new shoes to see how he looks. Oh well, "If it was meant to be it would be", "Patience make the heart grow fonder" and all that jazz.

From what everyone is saying, I guess 17mpg with an A/T around town isn't so bad. Guess I'll have to keep it around : ) . Just kidding, wouldn't get rid of HELGA if someone offered me twice what I paid for her.

87 GEN1 Raider 5-spd w/ Weber (HAGAR)
87 GEN1 Monty 5-spd stock (LUCKY EDDIE)
88 GEN1 Raider A/T w/ Weber (HELGA)
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95 Ford Bronco Eddy Bauer
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