Well.......I need some advice. Today I replaced front struts. (Old ones were shot), calipers, rotors, pads, and rubber brake hoses to each caliper. Also found a pin hole leak in the drivers side metal brake line, three inches up from the rubber hose connection, there was a bubble in the line's coating and sure enough a leak started as I was bleeding the DS caliper. Just what I needed to find a few weeks before taking my trip to Northern Vermont. Now I'll be worrying about all the other brake lines!!! I installed a new 12" line ( at least it was the shortest line).
Before I started the work, I did my best to flush the brake lines stating at PS rear, then DS rear, then PS,the DS. Old fluid really wasn't so bad. I picked up a vacuum bleeder from HF, although when I used it there always seems to be some streams of bubbles in the bleed hose. Not sure if this is from the vacuum.
After bleeding with all new parts, the brake pedal gets pretty solid, but when I start the engine the pedal goes down about halfway. This is where is has been since I can remember, but I thought after installing all new parts, the pedal would be higher even with engine running. Am I missing something?
I read online that the key may need to be ON while flushing. Also read the engine should be running. And also read engine OFF, Key OFF and just bleed farthest wheel to closet which is what I did and always have done to my Ranger and other vehicles, no key on, no engine running and then I used a bottle and helper in the vehicle.
Am I doing it correctly for the 97 4runner?
Any help on this is greatly appreciated.