I've heard most folks buy whole new arm. I've got OEM bushings and don't know the method other than "use Mitsu special tool number..." To make situation more difficult I bought some Siberian Bushings andthey have a squared lip making t look even more dificult to install.
The Siberian brand is a non squeeky kind of Urethane. The rear trailing arm were easy o do and I have confidence they won't dry out and shrink any time soon.
One of the plugs fell out of my left T'bar mount. I think they were pressed in. Do you think sleeve retainer would hold? or spot weld it?

dave h.
'89 Raider V6 5spd;Aisin Hubs;; Gen2 LS: frt. brakes, rear coils;U.C.arms;R.trailing arms;idler arm; rear LSD axle w.disc brakes ;2 battery system for Dog's fan; relocated ECU; custom bumpers;J.Baker receiver;Conferr roofrack; t-bar crank.