Ok so I'm a procrastinator. With snow on the horizon am getting back to business.
Things dont look good. I pulled the front case to find the silent shaft sprocket toothless but both shafts and oil pump spin smooth as silk. I can rock the top end a little, but the crank spins VERY stiffly with a pipe. I'm pulling the pan now to check further bottom end damage.
I'm really confused as to how I spun the sprocket. all guides look good and tension was up when I took it apart.
I'm guessing once the silent sprocket dies, so does the oil pressure and a bearing or two will follow...
Anybody got a line on another 2.6??

update: took caps off. all were cooked and #2 rod bearing was welded on good. So yes, gonna have to find another 2.6....... rare as Hens teeth in these parts

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