Finally got the '87 Ranger completed and running like a top for now. Finally get to move back to HAGAR, HELGA and Lucky Eddie.

Thanks to Russel's "rxinhed" for his advise about the GEN2 UCA's. What a dramatic difference it made to Hagar. Now he's standing tall and level all the way around.

I've been looking at somethings for the motor (not sure I want to go with the diesel swap anymore) but have a lot of questions about the rest of the drive-train. I'm thinking I may just rebuild the existing motor with upgrades this winter and add a turbo.

How much HP will the drive train in a GEN 1 Raider withstand before it is advisable to upgrade it to something more durable? I found a website ( where I can get complete turbo systems specifically for the Raider/Montero 2.6. The smallest upgrade is to 160hp w/ 170 Ft Lbs of torque all the way up to 220hp w/ 200 Ft Lbs of torque. I'm not looking to completely change the drive train at this time, I just want to get the most out of it that I can without causing major headaches.

I'm sure someone out there has figured all this out by now. I looked at the "Turbo Upgrade" on the Tech Page but it all talks about using a donor Starion and it's fuel injection system.


87 GEN1 Raider 5-spd w/ Weber (HAGAR)
87 GEN1 Monty 5-spd stock (LUCKY EDDIE)
88 GEN1 Raider A/T w/ Weber (HELGA)
87 Ford Ranger STX 5-spd 2.9L V6
95 Ford Bronco Eddy Bauer
99 Toyota 4-Runner Limited 3" lift