The timing chain died in my boy's 88 Raider. I swapped in a Jeep 2.5L/AX-15. Don't need some of these old Mitsubishi parts.

The engine is already gone, but I have the following:

Trans/transfer case (have to be stopped to get it into first due to worn 1st gear synchro. Other gears and transfer case work fine.)
Flywheel / pressure plate / clutch
Ignition coil
Clutch fan
Front driveshaft
Clutch master & slave cylinder
Starter (recently rebuilt)

Power window regulator (motor works)

If you live nearby, everything for $50 or make offer. Or PM me for individual parts and shipping to you. I have everything on CL, but no one around here seems interested...

I will post pics and description of the Jeep 2.5L/AX-15 swap on the forum later for those that are interested.


I'm in Michigan 48382.

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