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My truck Pearl (avatar) has had the front suspension stripped out. My present intention will be the installation of complete UCA and LCA assemblies from an '02 Sport I parted. I have the leaf spring rear from a 1998 Sport. Time and $$ don't line up for me, need the new brake hoses and other things associated.

This is exactly what I was looking to do. What year is your truck, is ti the 88 in your profile??? I had reservations about whether or not the front a-arms would bolt up to the truck chassis. From looking at them at the junk yard and taking a few measurements they look like they will bolt up but are about an inch longer than the truck arms, have you test fit the monty a-arms on the truck yet??? another area of concern is the front CV's, the monty's CV's are about an inch longer (makes sense with the longer arms). Are you keeping the truck front axle housing and diff???

I know lots of questions..


P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to all... Have a great and safe weekend...