New rims would be nice, but I need to focus on getting her mechanically sound again. The 2.4 I put in it has started consuming a little bit of coolant (not sure if it was because of when it overheated after the rebuild of something else) and I would like to give it a bit more "oomph". It was fine for about one and a half years to two years, I didn't have to do anything to it, but lately I have been having to add about a half a quart of coolant to it every two to three days. Those are the main reasons I am looking for a full Montero to pull everything out of. Unless I can find a good combination of inexpensive parts to turbo/supercharge the 2.4. I may still consider that a possibility as an upgrade. This would at least give me the option of keeping it as a manual transmission and make things easier as far as drive train modifications are concerned. However that still leaves me very limited as to available final drive ratios. Also turbo manifolds are expensive for this motor because they are custom built.